cer1the Program for the Endorsement of Forest Certification schemes (PEFC) that is the Evaluation Program of Forest Certification schemes, is a system
certification for sustainable forest management. The PEFC is an international initiative based on a broad agreement of the parties concerned to implement
of sustainable forest management at national and regional level.
Among its objectives is noted to improve the image of forestry and forest-based industry, providing in fact a market instrument to commercialize wood and forest products derived from forests and plants managed sustainably. In Italy there is the PEFC Italy, which is a non-profit organization that is the national governing body of the PEFC certification system.
The PEFC system allows to certify:
• sustainability of forest management
• the traceability of wood and paper products marketed and processed that come from PEFC certified forests.


cer2The Forest Stewardship Council (or briefly FSC) is an international non-profit NGO. FSC is a forest certification system recognized internationally. The certification is aimed at the proper forest management and traceability of products derivatives. Il FSC logo ensures that the product is manufactured using raw materials from well-managed forests according to the principles of the two main standards: forest management and chain of custody. The FSC certification scheme is independent and third-party. The fact inspections are carried out by 17 certification bodies worldwide. Certification bodies are themselves accredited by ASI (Accreditation Service International). One of the main FSC activity is the preparation of standards in accordance with the Code promoted by ISEAL. The standards are in turn adapted locally by national initiatives. FSC has around 50 National Initiatives that contribute to adapt the standards and to promote certification at national level. In Italy there is FSC-Italy.


cer3Architecture Comfort Environment is the first certification system, designed and manufactured exclusively for buildings with wooden frame with the aim of ensuring safety, energy efficiency, comfort and sustainability of the wooden buildings.
The project was born in Trentino on the initiative of the Autonomous Province of Trento working on the project since 2009, with the intention of promoting innovative and technologically advanced, able to compete in a rapidly growing market and expand what is sustainable construction.





cer4CE marking according to the European Technical Approval (ETA) is mandatory for the supply of materials and products for structural use on the European market. The panels in XLAM are CE marked in accordance to ETA-12/0347.