Imagine the scent of wood, the clean air, the energy of the sun and the heat of the earth, the choice of the best materials, add the expertise of our engineers and our technical site: welcome you with Ralfa Tecnocostruzioni.

R.al.fa. born from the professional experiences of a group of professionals who, joining have integrated their technical and commercial knowledge with the objective and the assurance that you can design and build the house that meet the needs of the customer who wants the “best” in terms of quality.

The facilities are designed and built to ensure safety against static and dynamics actions. The buildings are light and strong, and if hit by the earthquake, the impetus of destructive earthquake urges them considerably impaired compared to a traditional construction providing greater security for the people who live there.
Scientific evidence from IVALSA CNR with tests in 2006 and 2007 in Japan with the SOFIE project.
The structures are designed and constructed in such a way that the bearing structure can ensure a high resistance to fire according to the strict current standards.
The facilities are designed and implemented with a view to high energy savings thanks to an excellent winter / summer thermal inertia and air tightness. The low thermal conductivity of wood, thanks to its natural insulating qualities and the low thermal conductivity, contributing actively in the building envelope insulation and requires very little energy during the heating (winter) and cooling (summer) especially when compared to ‘traditional construction (brick ECA).
The facilities are designed and built to ensure acoustic comfort with values even more rigorous than the minimum limits of the laws in force.
It is demonstrated that a hard wooden building over time. We look every corner of the historic wooden buildings centuries old world or even millennia (bridges, entire buildings, floors roofs) the degradation of the wood may be achieved only under special conditions, such as avoiding the material is preserved for centuries or even millennia.