Home automation, civil and industrial electrical systems, maintenance systems, building automation systems, fire, video surveillance systems detection, access control systems, burglar alarms

We operate in the field of active and passive safety design, install and integrated and multifunctional systems.
Our performance is to entrust our methodical processes to technologies at the highest level and professionalism of our technical staff.
From concept start work, we are able to provide customized solutions “turnkey” systems and respond to diverse customer needs.
The experience accumulated over the years is the company’s expertise luggage.

electrical systems

We are able to operate on any type of civil and industrial electrical installation as described:

  • Civilians: traditional and home automation wiring
  • Industrial: sideboard voltage, MV / BT, power center primary and secondary distribution up to utilities
  • Technology: the machine systems, industrial automation and control processes
  • Safety: fire, intrusion, CCTV and access control
  • Telecommunications: data networks and telephony in Category 5-6-7 and F.O.
  • Centralized control: systems supervision, distribution and automation on PC with graphic pages and detachable dedicated software
  • renewable energy and electrical installations for producing electricity from: solar, wind, biomass, biogas, energy plants and cogeneration

Plant maintenance

Maintenance of electrical systems is often seen as a pure and unnecessary additional cost; resulting, unfortunately, even though the audit and especially preventive ones are considered by many entrepreneurs, as unnecessary.
Neglecting the maintenance of a system, however, can lead to significant losses in production, as well as to expose an increased risk of breakdowns and the costs related to the restoration of its proper functioning.
In fact, make a regular check-up on the system means to minimize, over time, the production drops due to several causes of inefficiency.
Thanks to the professionalism and experience of our staff, we offer a service that covers all the various maintenance operations necessary to eliminate the possible causes of deterioration, intervene rapidly in case of failure and always ensures the proper functioning and the constant production efficiency implant.

“Maintenance is the plant medicine”

Building automation

The concept Building Automation identifies those buildings designed and constructed to enable the integrated and computerized management of technological systems, computer equipment and communication networks.

These buildings are able to:

  • optimize the life cycles of their building systems and their equipment,
  • reduce occupancy costs,
  • enhancing organizational productivity through correct design and management,
  • reduce energy costs,
  • high comfort.

Information technology and telecommunications are a special tool for achieving this goal, allowing the integration of plant resources in the building..

fire detection systems

Avoid the onset of a fire and the events connected to it or limiting the consequences, it means ensuring the safety of human life, the safety of people and the protection of property and the environment.

Using highly specialized personnel and in compliance with current regulations, we offer the complete management of all issues relating to the prevention and protection against fire: from risk assessment to the design and installation of active and passive protection measures (systems detection and automatic shutdown).

All systems are manufactured according to UNI9795, EN 12845, EN 107 779, MD37 / 08, UNI10779.

video surveillance systems

La videosorveglianza è il primo livello di sicurezza, indispensabile tanto al singolo cittadino quanto all’ente istituzionale. Potersi avvalere di un osservatore costante come la videocamera, collegata ad una sala operativa oppure a mezzi mobili, o ancora più semplicemente, ad un sistema di videosorveglianza rappresenta la scelta primaria nella lotta preventiva contro ogni tipo di violazione.

Cavalcando l’evoluzione tecnologica dell’analogico al digitale, siamo in grado di predisporre sistemi di videosorveglianza di qualità come telecamere digitali in rete Ethernet con protocollo TCP/IP, sia LAN che WAN.

Le applicazioni di videosorveglianza spaziano dal traffico automobilistico ai parcheggi, senza contare la possibile implementazione di servizi quali la lotta al terrorismo, il riconoscimento facciale o la lettura delle targhe.

Inoltre, grazie alla funzione Video Security della rete ed ad un portale di proprietà è possibile in un semplice click visualizzare online la situazione delle telecamere installate nel proprio ufficio o nella propria abitazione.

L’innovativa funzionalità è fruibile da remoto e da qualsiasi mobile device e rende possibile il controllo “live” della propria sicurezza.

Access control systems

The controls access manage the flows within an environment which must be protected, or otherwise monitored. Being fully aware of these flows not only used to monitor the internal movements, but prevents and blocks originally unauthorized intrusion.

On the basis of the level of safety required, we can establish both of conventional systems that recognition of biometric recognition systems (thus based on the detection of specific parts of the body):

  • optical badge (based on the code)
  • magnetic badge (with magnetic stripe encoding)
  • Badge proximity (based on the simple approach to the player)
  • Fingerprint recognition
  • iris recognition

Anti-intrusion alarms

We design and install active systems Anti-Intrusion of indoor and outdoor areas of buildings unmanned or manned only partially.
The end result is the set of devices, the actions and equipment that serve to ensure a high degree of darkness for a specific environment.