Wellness, pools e fountains…


  • Sauna,
  • Steam bath,
  • Relax,
  • Beauty,
  • Relaxing pools,
  • Cold treatments,
  • Showers,
  • Kneipp Course.

Surprise, amaze and excite are the adjectives that best identify the concept of wellness.
We are able to design, to give advice to the designer, realize any facility within the spa, the large spa at the public health center, to ‘wellness home (to your house well-being).

Domestic pools

  • Top class,
  • classical,
  • Home wellness.

We study and realize customized pools to suit the client.

Rehabilitation pools

  • medical rehabilitation,
  • sports rehabilitation.

Hydrotherapy is a concept unique to both the field of medical rehabilitation for the sport.
The success of the therapy is not necessarily due to the water itself but to the results obtained by applying on the human body of thermal stimuli (hot-cold) and mechanical (higher or lower pressure generated on the skin).
Hydrokinetic-reactivation reactivation psychophysics psychophysics-sweet–water analgesic assisted exercises in water-water relaxation-vascular activity in water-water skills for expectant mothers and newborn.

large plants

  • Sports pools,
  • Recreational pools,
  • SPA,
  • Water parks.


  • Reflecting,
  • Flush fountains,
  • Fountains dynamic,
  • Musical fountains,
  • Walls of water,
  • Emotional curtains,
  • Jamping jet.

Water treatment

Realizzazione di impianti di trattamento acque sia a privati che aziende.

  • Impianti settore domestico,
  • Impianti settore industriale (es. alimentare, tessile, elettronico, chimico),
  • Impianti settore terziario (es. alberghiero, ristoranti, agriturismi).